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Today, the members of your congregation rely on their phones for everything. News, entertainment, social media, communication, and more. Why not make it a conduit for their faith as well? The InPeace app helps your church connect with members of your community in the same way they connect with everything else. So they can stay as close to their faith as they are to their Facebook.

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We live in wondrous times. Today’s technology gives us so many more ways to connect with each other, as well as to instruct and inform. But it is up to us to use it wisely – to enable our faith to keep pace with our busy, busy world.

That’s why we created InPeace. To help ensure that faith is as timely and convenient as everything else that vies for our time and attention. To create a powerful conduit that connects churches and congregations like never before.


InPeace was designed with a stylish, simple, and straightforward interface to make it easy for people of all ages to use. In English OR Spanish.


You are fully in control of everything that appears on your congregation’s apps through an easy-to-use web dashboard interface.


InPeace makes it easier than ever for community members to participate in church activities, allowing you to expand your congregation!


Record your sermons and make them available for congregation members to revisit when they need to, so they can be inspired anew.


Whatever the future may bring your way, your congregation will be prepared to stay connected in faith and brotherhood.

InPeace Offerings

InPeace Light

$99 setup + $49/mo

  • Church Information
  • Giving
  • Ministries
  • Videos
  • Livestream
  • Livechat
  • Prayer Alerts
  • Social Media
  • Sharing
  • Worship schedule

InPeace Full

$199 setup + $69/mo

  • All from InPeace Light PLUS:
  • InPeace Play
  • Small Groups
  • Special Event ticketing and management
  • Bible Study
  • Membership Card
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Membership Renewal
  • Registration Fees

InPeace ONE

$100 Deposit + Custom Quote

  • All from InPeace Full

** All features of InPeace Full for multiple congregations and denominations. Individual, congregation and denomination-wide communications functionality. **

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Yes, all data and private information is securely stored in the cloud-based system. This is the same technology that is trusted by over 6,000 churches all over the world.

Once we receive all of your church information, we begin customizing the app for your congregation. The customized app is then delivered and ready for your congregation to download within 30 days.

Donated funds are normally deposited within 1 business day.

There are three different plans. Please check our pricing to view the appropriate cost for each app tier.

No, the process is easy and simple. Our team can import all of your existing church data to make the transition .


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InPeace develops technology, software and mobile apps for religious institutions and faith-based organizations. Through our signature product, the InPeace mobile app, the company helps Church leaders communicate and connect with their congregation. Powered by a robust suite of tools, the InPeace app can create strong pathways for increased giving, engagement, prayer, attendance and education throughout the Church. The InPeace app provides congregants with “faith at their fingertips” with easy-to-use, intuitive design that helps people stay engaged with the Church throughout the week. For either a single location or large denomination, InPeace will work for you.