Pay Church Donations Online

Accepting donations online can greatly impact churches by making the giving process easier and more convenient for members. This can lead to increased donations, streamlined administrative tasks, and a wider reach for fundraising efforts. With online giving, churches can receive donations from anywhere, at any time, making it a crucial tool in modern fundraising.

"The Future of Church Giving: Online Tithing with InPeace"

Did you know that 25 percent of donors complete their charitable donations on mobile devices? As the world continues to go digital, that number is expected to rise as more organizations make the shift to appeal to Millennial donors and compete in an ever-evolving technological landscape. These same findings apply to churches and other religious organizations that rely on tithing and monetary donations to sustain their operations. 

Churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32 percent and 81 percent of churches saw an increase in both online and mobile donations in 2020 alone— statistics that tell us making church donations online is the way of the future.

InPeace offers an all-in-one solution for online tithing so you can focus on what matters most— engaging with your congregation.

Streamline Church Donations with Online Tithing

Accepting church tithes online is easy with InPeace’s agile, convenient, and user-friendly mobile app. What makes us a leading solution for accepting donations from tithers online?

1. Auto-Recurring Gifts

Your most loyal fellowship members may want to support the church by making routine contributions. Our auto-recurring gifts feature allows them to input their preferred payment method and approve a specific amount to be gifted on a predetermined basis (weekly, monthly, annually, etc). 

The consistency of auto-recurring contributions is convenient for the donor, as it eliminates the need to remember chosen donation dates or manually complete a payment. But it also benefits the church as well, since recurring gifts allow religious organizations to financially plan for the future, predict revenue, and maximize the impact of their funds.

Enabling your congregation to pay tithes online using a mobile app simplifies their donation process, making them more likely to commit to on-going contributions. They can manage their payments, donation dates, and payment methods all in one place, make changes to their donation amounts or schedule whenever they choose, and automatically receive tax receipts. It really doesn’t get easier than that!

2. Next-Day Deposits

Waiting for donations to be transferred into an account can leave your finances in limbo, especially when you’re expecting a large volume of donations. It’s also inconvenient to have to travel to a bank in order to deposit a check. The InPeace app allows you to bypass these setbacks entirely with ultra-fast, next day deposits you can count on. No more worrying about whether or not your funds will be available when you need them!

Additionally, not only will your fellowship and community members appreciate being able to provide an online tithe, but they’ll respect the fact you’re eliminating paper waste by processing donations electronically. That’s a win/win.

3. No Transaction Fees for Donors

One of the biggest concerns faith-based communities have regarding online tithing is being charged hidden fees. No one wants to pay extra on their donation payments— especially if they’re recurring. At InPeace, we wanted to cater to donors and provide them with a mobile app that addressed this concern. That’s why we decided to wave donor transaction fees and allow churches to receive their funds directly, within a matter of hours.

We believe tithing is an integral component of the important work our country’s faith-based organizations do on a daily basis. Our goal is to streamline the donation process for churches so they can continue serving their mission and their communities for years to come.

The Importance of Tithing

Whether a fellowship is paying tithes online, in person, or any other way, one thing remains true— donations are an essential part of any self-sustaining church and a staple of faithful stewardship. 

Below are the most compelling reasons why tithing is so sacred:

people worshipping at church

1. Keeps Outreach Programs Running

The good will of a congregation spreads far beyond the four walls of its church. Outreach initiatives like financial health classes, literacy programs, grief support groups, after school programs, and community kitchens all provide much-needed support to the greater community a church belongs to. Without a reliable flow of donations, these programs are often the first to go, sending a wave of loss and hardship through the fellowship and its greater network. 

The decision to enable your community members to make online tithes and offerings could be the boost you need to keep these programs functional for those who need them most.

2. Helps Address Community Needs

When it comes to in-person and online donation, church leaders use these funds to give back to their community in countless ways. When congregation members experience hardship, or the surrounding community at large is struggling, the church engages in acts of service to lift up those in need. And while much can be done simply through dedicating time and energy to a cause, so much more can be achieved when there’s an ability to give back financially or invest in much-needed resources.

Online tithes provided by a fellowship allow the church to act as an even greater steward of God’s faith and to show compassion to its neighbors in ways that truly make a difference.

3. Protects Your Place of Worship

Churches, like any piece of property, require upkeep and maintenance over time. Whether it’s upgrading electrical systems, addressing water leaks, or cleaning gutters— funds are needed to cover the costs of repairs. When congregation members decide to donate to church online or in person, those contributions can be held in a reserve and used in the future whenever a maintenance concern arises. 

Remember, maintenance costs account for 82 percent of a church’s annual fiscal budget, on average. That’s a considerable amount. And as the Bible says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”. By coming together and contributing towards a common goal, congregations can ensure their church is well-maintained and able to thrive well into the future.

4. Expresses Thankfulness

The Bible says “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you”. This scripture tells us tithing is an expression of gratitude and acknowledgement for all God has given to us. When we contribute back to the church, we are recognizing that all good fortune comes to us through Christ, and expressing our thankfulness by investing in the church so it may continue to achieve its mission.

By making an online donation, church goers are embracing the word of God, as it is stated in verses like Thessalonians 5:18, which says “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus”. 

5. Unites the Congregation

There is nothing more powerful than a congregation that acts as one to do God’s work. The Bible compels us to work together, as is stated in Corinthians 1:10: “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment”. 

Whether we achieve this through online tithing, volunteering, or worshiping together, the result is the same— a fellowship that is unified in its efforts and harmonious in its commitment to being faithful disciples of God.

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Mobile app technology can help your church achieve its greater mission and operate to its fullest potential. How would your place of worship benefit from accepting online tithes and offerings? What could you do if your monthly or annual donations increased?

With the InPeace app, you can open up a whole new window of opportunity for your faith-based organization. 

Your fellowship members will be able to do the following:


They’ll never miss an opportunity to contribute with automatic push notification updates about fundraising events. These reminders keep your congregation engaged and increase attendance significantly— resulting in more successful fundraising initiatives.


Online registration is another highly effective way to dramatically increase attendance at your fundraising events. The InPeace app makes the registration process simple and straightforward. 

Plus, congregation members can complete the process from anywhere in just a few taps of their smartphone screen. This allows you to capture their confirmation immediately, before it slips their mind.


Even if an individual is unable to attend your fundraising event, they can still feel like they’re part of the experience by tuning into your live stream. Our intuitive and interactive live streaming feature allows viewers to engage in a comment section, and also allows you to broadcast your event across your various social media channels to increase exposure. 

You can include a call-to-action to donate, which will be visible to all who are watching, providing another opportunity to encourage engagement.

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All data and payment information is stored in a cloud-based system. Across the world, over 6,000 churches trust us with their information. Please contact our customer service team if you have questions about our payment processing.

No waiting for donations! Online tithes are directly to your requested account and typically appear within 1 business day.