Online Prayer Requests with InPeace

Churches are responsible for guiding their congregants, particularly during hard times. Reminding churchgoers that God is with them is part of the essential work of the modern church.

Through the InPeace app, you can provide a prayer request service church members can take advantage of at any hour of any day.

Integrating an online prayer request feature into your range of digital services offers huge spiritual benefits for the community you serve.

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Strengthen Fellowship at Your Church

The church isn’t just for Sunday.

Expand your profile with the prayer request online feature within your custom app. Let your congregation know that the church is always there for them.

Submitting a free online prayer request takes only seconds. Be a constant presence in the lives of the people of your church while helping them grow their relationships with God.

Engage Members with Your Online Presence

Modern life has changed, and so must the way ministries reach their communities. Take your services out of the pews and into the digital age by expanding your range of services.

A free prayer request function is a channel for members to strengthen their faith daily. Keep your members engaged and connect with those who need your support the most.

InPeace supports the online prayer request feature alongside other digital services, including in-app chats, virtual events, and remote sermons.

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prayer request feature from InPeace

Foster Spiritual Growth

Let your church members submit a prayer request at their convenience to boost their spiritual growth. Getting closer to God is a lifelong pursuit, and your ministry can support spiritual journeys across your community.

The InPeace prayer request online free feature can go beyond generic prayer requests. Give church members the space to share their deepest prayer concerns for themselves and others. 

Formulate personalized prayer plans for each of your members. Bolster their faith and devotion to God through a prayer request site they can trust. 

Grow Closer to Your Congregation

Demonstrate the value of the modern church in people’s lives with an online prayer request function that enables members to transform their faith. Offer tailored prayers through the InPeace app, encouraging members to pray for individual and collective causes.

Be a more prominent presence within the lives of your congregation and bind everyone together in collective faith.

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Support People Through Hard Times

Many members may prefer to submit a prayer request online to ask for help confronting the issues afflicting daily lives. Personal, professional, and familial problems can weigh heavy on the hearts of your congregants and make many feel alone in the world.

The InPeace prayer request free feature offers a chance to support those who feel they cannot speak out in person or don’t prefer to say their prayers aloud.

Provide a light in the darkness for those struggling, encourage your community to invite more peace into their life, and allow them to decipher how God is calling them. 

An online prayer request is a simple act that can make a massive difference in the lives of your congregants.

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Help to Build Good Habits

Developing good prayer habits can be challenging, even for lifelong churchgoers. Remembering to be thankful and express devotion through prayer daily can seem difficult to many congregants in a busy world where it feels there is less time in the day than ever. 

Daily prayer requests remind people to spend a few moments thinking about God, the people of the world, and the people that matter to them the most. 

Support your congregation in keeping God front and center daily through an online prayer request platform right on their smartphones. Creating healthy prayer habits has never been easier with InPeace.

Be Present Remotely

Not everyone will be able to attend church services regularly. The disabled, the sick, professionals working away from home, and military families are some of the few who often struggle to attend church frequently due to their circumstances.

Simple prayer requests empower your church to remain a constant presence in the lives of those who can’t always make it to in-person services. Keep people connected to their communities and help them to boost their faith even when attendance is a challenge.

The InPeace app keeps communities together no matter where they are. Offer your members the opportunity to submit prayer requests whenever they are able.

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Are you looking for ways to grow your church and keep your membership numbers healthy? InPeace has supported thousands of churches in adapting to the changes in modern life by initiating a digital revolution.

The InPeace app offers a convenient, cost-effective, and impactful opportunity to engage with communities and spread the word of God.

Our online prayer request feature is a small part of a range of services, including virtual church services, in-app tithing, and one-to-one talks with spiritual advisors.

Grow your ministry and equip your congregation with the tools required to serve those who have the desire to grow their spiritual life.

InPeace offers church management software solutions to solve every church need. Contact us to get your customized, church-branded app ready for your congregation in just 30 days today! Discover how we can help advance your ministry and mission.