Strengthen Giving from your Congregation

With InPeace, you can bring your church into the modern era through a simple giving app for churches that makes the process easy. You can grow and strengthen your church through tools designed just for you.

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Giving is at the heart of the Christian faith. It empowers your church to continue its good work in the community and advance its mission. 

Giving is also a critical lifeline of the church, ensuring it operates and functions efficiently. 

Despite uncertain times, there are still opportunities to streamline online giving for churches to increase the number of offerings and donations received. 

InPeace is the church giving app that streamlines church management and promotes online giving. Expand the church’s income stream and ensure your church thrives, even in periods of uncertainty. 

The church is also called to help all people in need, including the sick and less fortunate. Give members of your congregation the tools they need to pour into the community, wherever they are.

Seamless Transactions

Giving should be quick and easy. We have developed an app that processes transactions fast and releases the money to your ministry in record time.

The days of trying to navigate a complex giving app are over. InPeace is the low-fee, stress-free alternative to the church-giving apps of the past. 

Every time someone donates through the app, your church receives its donations the next day. There are no holding periods, so you can instantly put your donations to good use.

Measurable Results

Find out how much has been donated, which causes your congregation has contributed to, and who has donated.

Your online giving outreach campaign provides you with a range of stats you can use to optimize future campaigns and encourage greater participation.

Get the numbers that really matter so you can learn more about the activities of the community you serve.

Learning more about your community is vital to tailoring your church’s experience toward your congregation in all things. You no longer need to guess what works. Become a data-driven church that wields all the tools available to them.

Secure Data Storage

Successful cyberattacks are growing, and your church data could be at risk. The costs of seeing your church hacked and congregant data released are devastating. It’s important to act sooner than later. 

Protect your privacy, and the privacy of your community, with secure data storage. Show everyone how the InPeace app works and how it protects their data from third-party actors.

We use secure, cloud-based storage to provide the highest levels of protection to everyone using the app. Instill trust and faith in your church by demonstrating that you are committed to their online safety.

Cloud-based storage also comes with the bonus of providing disaster protection. Should the worst happen, you can retrieve all your data remotely at the click of a button.

Be Your Brand

Many congregations underestimate the power of church branding. It encompasses your values, the congregation’s voice, and the message you share with the world. Your church brand isn’t developed overnight and can’t be summed up in a simple logo or sign in the lobby. 

In the community, you want your brand to stand out and display your core values and what your church champions. When your brand is bold and consistent, people know what to expect, whether they’re visiting your church for the first time or a lifelong member. InPeace lets you set up your app with custom features aligned with your church’s values. Transform your church branding strategy and create a unique online giving experience everyone can enjoy.

We can incorporate any element of your church into the app, regardless of size, location, or denomination. Promote your church and create a seamless experience from the pews to the smartphone in minutes.

Features to start

Embrace modern tech by enabling multiple giving options. Let everyone give the way they want to from home. Some of our giving options include:


Integrate your giving experience into your website and other communications.


Donate directly through the app or mobile browser.

Credit Card & ACH

Receive offerings through multiple payment methods.

Understanding the needs of your congregation is crucial. InPeace constantly expands its payment utility to ensure that the giving experience stays simple and convenient.

Activate Your App Fast

An ordinary online giving app can take months to construct, test, and release. Unlike other church apps for giving, InPeace takes pride in offering one of the fastest mobile giving solutions available.

Work with InPeace to customize your app. The team will work on implementing your requirements. Our team can also import your data from any existing apps you are using and transition it into your new InPeace app.

On average, churches receive customized giving apps within 30 days of signing up. After receiving your app, it is ready to be downloaded by everyone within your community.

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Giving is one of the fundamental pillars that make the church the heart of communities everywhere. 

Anyone responsible for church management understands the complex moving parts of the church’s daily functions and the importance of monitoring essential metrics like attendance and giving. Reduce stress and streamline your church operations through a platform that makes it simple to give. 

InPeace is dedicated to helping increase online giving for churches worldwide through dedicated church management software. We offer a range of solutions to support local ministries, large churches, and global denominations. 

Sign up for InPeace and get equipped with features and functions that will optimize stewardship, generate measurable results, and grow your church.