Custom Mobile Church App

Businesses, organizations, and institutions of all kinds are facing pressure to modernize quickly due to the rapid advancement of technology— and places of worship are no exception.

Church technology has become an industry in itself, with religious institutions around the world implementing new systems and solutions to better serve their ministry and greater communities. It’s a commitment that’s rooted in the desire to engage congregations and spread the word of God. In fact, 93 percent of churches believe technology plays an important role in achieving their church’s mission. 

But how do you know which solutions to implement when there are so many options to choose from? Websites, online giving platforms, digital projectors, and live event streaming are just a few examples.

So is there an all-in-one solution? Let us introduce you to custom church apps.

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Make Your Ministry Accessible with a Mobile App for Churches

Mobile apps for churches are rising in popularity, with religious organizations spending a considerable $175.3 million on faith-based apps in 2021 alone. Making a custom church app available to your fellowship can create positive change and assist you in serving your greater mission. From streamlined communication to diligent recordkeeping to compliant financials, the benefits of going digital can’t be beat! 

So why is a mobile app the best solution for your faith-based institution? Benefits of custom church apps include: 

Reach Your Congregation 24/7

You never know when you might need to urgently reach out to your ministry. It could be because severe weather has resulted in a last minute cancellation, because a member of your congregation has experienced a sudden hardship and is in need of support, or because of an urgent fundraising effort for emergencies or natural disasters. Whatever the case may be, creating a church app will allow you to touch base with your members at any time, regardless of where they may be.

Mobile apps display subtle and timely notifications that inform users there is a new message, which they can check at a time that’s convenient for them. But the best part is that users don’t have to wait until they’re back at a computer to read your correspondence or engage in discussions— mobile apps make engaging on-the-go easier than ever before.

Increase Community Collaboration

There are many church initiatives that require collaboration— from guest speaking events, to Bible study groups, anniversary celebrations, fundraisers, or church leader conferences. One of the great things about apps for churches is their ability to streamline the planning and execution process of these events by allowing for real-time collaboration. Fellowship members can interact with another in a single location, pitch ideas, gather feedback, and assign action items, all from their mobile devices.

There’s no more need to play phone tag or wait until the next team meeting to make a decision. Instead, members can make quick progress and see initiatives through to completion with the help of an app that’s tailored to their needs.

Send Event Reminders and Updates

Does getting your congregation on one page sometimes feel impossible? Have you put up bulletins for an event only to have a disappointing turnout? These problems can be addressed if you decide to build a church app. You’ll be able to send out mass communications with just a few taps of your mobile device, ensuring your entire fellowship is notified of events or important announcements. You can also set automatic reminders to be sent out at specific time intervals prior to your event, increasing the likelihood of high attendance. 

In fact, studies show implementing event technologies like mobile apps can increase attendance by 20 percent or more. Imagine what that could mean for your church in terms of impact! 

Simplify The Giving Process

Whether you’re raising funds to cover unexpected church maintenance costs, support a family in your congregation that’s going through a tough time, or to continue delivering specialized programs to your community, charitable giving is an important part of any sustainable faith-based organization.

The problem? Churches have an obligation to their fellowship and their financial committees to handle donations responsibly, and to allocate all funds in a manner that’s fair, transparent, and fiscally prudent. The traditional methods of tithing don’t protect against money mismanagement the same way mobile apps for churches can. These apps not only track how much money has been accrued but allow churches to pull reports, issue charitable tax receipts, and more. Simplify online giving for churches with InPeace! 

Strengthen Ties With Your Parishioners

This is the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to the build or not-to-build church app conundrum. If you value creating deep bonds with your fellowship and establishing meaningful connections with the community members you serve, investing in a mobile app for churches is always a wise choice.

Remember, research suggests that by promoting a strong sense of workplace belongingness, organizations can reduce absenteeism by 75 percent and increase engagement by 76 percent— why should we treat our places of worship any differently?

By introducing a mobile app, you can engage your congregation in new, fun, and purposeful ways, so they feel a greater sense of belonging both within their faith and the church.

InPeace’s Custom Church App Features

So what makes InPeace the best app for churches looking to modernize their approach to strengthening their community?

Push Notifications

Did you know the average person checks their phone 58 times per day? Push notifications allow you to reach your congregation in the most effective way— via the device they spend the most time on. Your notifications will be sent directly to the device of your app users and briefly appear on their screen before disappearing. There’s no need to gather phone numbers from your congregation or ask them to complete consent forms so you can contact them. If they downloaded your app (and they haven’t deactivated push notifications), you can notify them anywhere, any time.

In addition to being an effective form of communication, push notifications can actually increase your number of engaged app users over time. Studies show push notifications can boost the retention rate of an app by 3-10X as opposed to not using them at all. Establishing an engaged community via your mobile app is one of the best ways to keep your fellowship connected with each other, your church, and the Word of God.

Customized Reports

All of the best apps for churches include built-in analytics, but InPeace takes data collection to the next level. With our app, you’ll be able to dive deeper into a broad range of data sets including service attendance, fundraising ROI, volunteer hours, social media engagements, and more. 

In a nutshell? If it happens within your ministry, and it impacts the sustainability of your organization, you’ll be able to monitor it through our platform. Then all you need to do is select a timeframe to monitor, choose your metrics, and produce a detailed report.

Personalized Prayer Plans

Each member of your congregation is on a different spiritual journey. It isn’t always possible to speak to everyone with a single sermon, which presents the question— How can you provide individualized support and faith-based teachings to each person in your fellowship? 

InPeace provides personalized prayer plans to users based on their current needs and preferences. Each user is able to navigate their way through a series of prayers that are tailored to their specific circumstances, ensuring they receive the guidance and wisdom they need most, precisely when it’s most valuable to them.

Membership Profiles

Imagine being able to see which sermons a congregation member has watched, which social media posts they’ve engaged with, which church events they’ve attended (and so much more), all from within your mobile app. It’s all possible with InPeace! 

Our app automatically compiles a detailed membership profile of every user and then displays that data in a way that’s relevant to you. No more guessing what your fellowship is interested in, or wondering where they are on their spiritual path— InPeace will provide you with all the information you need, so you can lead your ministry toward your mission with confidence.

membership card feature

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Our adaptable, all-in-one mobile app is thoughtfully and expertly designed to bring faith-based communities together. More than 6,000 ministries around the world trust our platform to amplify and optimize their church management processes. Are you ready to join them?

If so, here’s how you can get started with InPeace’s mobile app for churches:


One of our friendly representatives will walk you through the intuitive features our church management software has to offer, demonstrate key functionalities, and answer any questions you may have. There’s no obligation to commit— just a complimentary tutorial so you can make an informed decision for your future. Request your demo today!


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And don’t forget— making an investment in technology today will provide rewards for your congregation tomorrow. A mobile church app will streamline internal processes like paperwork, record keeping, and communications, greatly increasing efficiency throughout your organization. 

Plus, thousands of churches across the country have already launched their own mobile app. If you want to continue providing an unmatched worship experience, now is the time to embrace technology and provide your ministry with the conveniences that will soon be considered the basic standard. Sign up today! 

Live Stream Services

Our interactive live streaming feature allows ministers and other religious leaders to broadcast their sermons live across multiple platforms, all from within a single app. It also allows you to engage your viewers in a built-in comment section, where you can ask questions, start a poll, or simply encourage your audience to join the conversation.

Your congregation members will be able to view and engage with your live stream directly from within our mobile app, but you can also set your live stream to be broadcasted on your social media channels where anyone and everyone can view it— increasing exposure and spreading the word of God far beyond your current fellowship.


We use a highly-secure, cloud-based system to store all data and private information. If you have additional questions about our security practices, please contact our customer service team.

Because our apps are fully customized for each congregation, the process takes up to 30 days. Simply provide us with all of your church information, we begin customizing, and your app will be ready for download as soon as we’re done! 

We have two pricing tiers available so that you don’t pay for more than what you need. Whether you’re a local church serving your community or a regional institution with multiple campuses, we have the plan for you. Check out our pricing tiers for more information. If you’re not sure which plan is best for your needs, please contact our customer service team.