Gain Valuable Insight with InPeace’s Online Church Reports

Are you actively monitoring and assessing the health of your church?

Uncover your congregation’s health, and the success of its activities with the reporting dashboard for churches that tells all at a glance.

InPeace custom reports for churches enable you to dive deeply into every aspect of your ministry. Equip your team with the numbers that will empower them to make impactful decisions that benefit your church long into the future.

Sign up for InPeace and acquire the vital church data that will allow you to do God’s work more effectively.

Monitor Church Attendance

Anyone can perform a headcount at a weekly Sunday service, but you need to know who is attending and why certain members aren’t. Use your church attendance tracker to go beyond how many are sitting in the pews.

Our in-depth attendance reports enable you to track church attendance by department, class, camp, service, or virtual event. Find out the truth about whether your ministry is growing or declining.

Receive automated reports right in your inbox or within the app. Learn who attended and drill down into the trends of each member of your congregation.

Analyze Trends in Giving

Giving is essential for fueling events and community initiatives. Track the generosity of your members from your personal church dashboard.

InPeace custom reports for churches show you giving behaviors, including:

  • Top donors
  • When people give
  • Which days people prefer to give
  • How people like to give
  • The causes people support the most


Stay in tune with the trends in giving every quarter. This way, you can act confidently, knowing you have accurate church analytics by your side.

Track Members’ Journeys

Everyone walks their own spiritual path. Provide the personal support members of your community require to grow closer to God and take control of their faith.

Personalized profiles for your members provide a complete list of how often they attend church, which events they have shown interest in, and their giving habits.

Use this data to produce tailored plans for reaching individuals in the church so that you can become a more valuable asset in their lives.

Access Quarterly Reports with Growth Strategies

Tune into your church metrics dashboard every quarter for detailed growth strategies. InPeace pinpoints essential metrics that indicate a need for action.

Never miss anything with the custom reports for churches that provide intelligent solutions for you and your team to act upon.

Keep Data Clean and Secure

Every church has a responsibility to maintain security. Your church data tracking activities must comply with legal regulations.

With the InPeace app, we include intricate encryption techniques to protect your congregation’s data from malicious attackers.

We also provide tools to keep your data clean to avoid confusion and data breaching  within your online church reports. Churches can generate custom fields, alter data en masse, and dig into essential dates without hassle and confusion.

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Revolutionize the way you manage your church. Access the transformational tools that allow you to make data-driven decisions.

InPeace takes the guesswork out of church management with detailed custom reports for churches. We also go further than our state-of-the-art analytics. Manage events, provide virtual support to your congregation, and set up a mechanism for regular tithing.

We are your ministry’s all-in-one solution to thrive in a changing world.

Sign up to InPeace now and work with our team to produce the custom app designed to increase the health of your church, whether you are a small-town ministry or a large operation serving thousands. Discover how our church management software solutions can transform your ministry! 


Custom reports from InPeace can monitor attendance rates, virtual engagement, giving trends, and so much more.

Your reports help you answer the big questions, so you know where you must make changes and where to direct your resources.

We have streamlined the reporting process by enabling you to get critical stats delivered directly to your dashboard. Check out our search feature if you want to pinpoint something specific.

The results of your queries will appear on the screen or can be delivered via spreadsheet through download or email.

You can also send regularly scheduled reports to church leaders, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Multi-campus churches may operate semi-autonomously, but they continue to work under the same umbrella.

InPeace can aggregate the figures from each campus to create an overarching report for your church. You can also zoom in on individual metrics from every campus to identify issues unique to each site.

Attempting to quantify faith, worship, and devotion can be complicated, but data can aid you in the process.

Gaining a view of attendance, giving, and participation outside of Sunday services can help you learn more about your members. Data is not a remedy but a powerful tool to provide vital insights to strengthen your church.