Boost Attendance with Online Church Event Registration

Get up to a 120% increase in ticketed event attendance with the InPeace App. Our event registration tool allows members to see what’s on the calendar and sign up for the latest church activities. 

Make church event registration a breeze for your congregants and staff with an online hub for events that lets you plan, execute, and review everything in congregation life.

Develop your customized InPeace app in close collaboration with our team to integrate registration tools for events into your church’s digital services selection.

Promote Your Event

Let members know about upcoming events with our built-in event promotional tools. Alongside church event registration, you can upload custom media and send out push notifications to anyone who has signed up to use InPeace.

We also offer invite-a-friend services to allow your church to spread the word about an event people in the community might be interested in attending. The InPeace app can become a powerful outreach tool for members to spread the word inside and outside the church. 

Letting people know about upcoming events doesn’t have to only take place during announcements on Sunday. Giving your event the spotlight it deserves takes just a few minutes through our platform.

Simplify Registration

Allow members to sign up in minutes with a church registration function that they can quickly use on their smartphones.

With InPeace, your app is designed to match your ministry’s voice, tone, and brand. Make registration for church services simple and more effective at attracting more attendees.

Organizers can use our free event registration tool to prepare for upcoming events by selecting different event types and creating tailored online forms. Whether you plan a summer Bible camp, prayer meeting, or spiritual workshop, it only takes a few clicks to set up your event and open it up for registration.

person using InPeace's event registration feature to enter an event.

Easily Manage Logistics on Event Day

Managing an event is challenging. Ensure that anyone who decides to register for a church activity knows when and where it is being held.

Set up push notifications through your app to remind people of check-in dates. Give them a map link if you are holding an event away from your usual gathering place to ensure they never get lost along the way.

You can also allow virtual check-ins through a QR code on the doors at your event. Avoid issuing paper tickets or looking up somebody on a list. Your QR code instantly tells your staff who the ticketholder is and what type of ticket they hold.

Automate event logistics to reduce the strain and burden on your events team while supporting attendees.

Collect Payments and Donations

Take payments via credit card, SMS, bank transfer, and more with church event registration online. Instead of handling cash or installing physical kiosks, the InPeace app can take payments and donations remotely when congregants confirm their attendance.

We offer low transaction fees and the option to receive next-day deposits in your church’s bank account.

Attendees receive instant e-receipts and invoices for their records.

Simple, Convenient, Automated

InPeace makes it easy for church staff and volunteers to process all the details and donations for a particular event.

Spend less time and energy on running the intricate aspects of your event. Digitize the paperwork and registration forms that ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Our automation tools remove many of the time-consuming tasks from your workflow entirely.

Reflect and Build on Your Event’s Success

Every event is an opportunity to learn and grow your ministry. Get detailed reporting from each event with InPeace’s analytical features.

Our app is one of the best event registration platforms because it dispenses exact numbers on attendance rates, payments, donations, and new membership signups.

Become a data-driven ministry and get the numbers to implement changes that achieve maximum impact on current and future events.

Grow Your Church with InPeace

Holding regular events is vital to making your presence known in the community and carrying on your good works. Engaging your congregation where they are is crucial to maintain interest in Sunday services and church events.

InPeace is the all-in-one solution helping you to manage church event registration, payments, promotion, and so much more.

Our church management platform simplifies maintaining and growing every aspect of your ministry, from faith formation to stewardship.

Work with InPeace now to create a custom app that resembles who you are as a faith-based organization and supports you in achieving your immediate and long-term goals. Turn to the all-in-one church management software solution inspired by faith and powered by tech. Get started now!


Churches hold all event types, from multi-day Bible camps for kids to weekly prayer meetings. Everyone has different spiritual needs, and InPeace can support your event regardless of its audience or content.

Add in all the details of your event and create custom sign up forms to simplify the church event registration process.

We understand that not everyone has significant technical expertise. Using the InPeace app is easy for organizers and users.

Just download the app, create an account, and your members can see a list of upcoming events. You can also send push messages to their smartphones whenever you open a new event for registration.

Yes, managing various ticket types is simple with InPeace. You can give your attendees different ticket options during the church event registration process.

Some ticket types include general admission, children’s admission, early-bird bonus, and VIP tickets.

Churches can also use the app to issue special promo and discount codes to their users to incentivize activities.

Anyone in your community can download your church’s app and create a profile. InPeace supports profile creation for church staff, members, volunteers, and short-term visitors.

Our app keeps data safe and secure to ensure you can meet your data privacy obligations. All members can complete the online church event registration process using their personalized profiles in seconds.

Profiles also enable you to track individual spiritual journeys and deliver personalized event recommendations. You can use the data you have to generate instant reports to drive your ministry forward.