Streamline Your Church Management with a CRM Solution

A church’s role is vital in providing support and guidance, but managing one can be complex. InPeace’s Church Relationship Management (CRM) simplifies tasks like record-keeping and member communication. Learn how InPeace can help your church thrive in the modern era.

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Manage Your Ministry with the Best CRM for Churches

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology is a ‘must have’ for any modern church. CRM software helps you gather and action information about your congregation to build trusting, long-lasting relationships, a strong community and provide meaningful experiences that support worshippers on a personal level.  

At InPeace, our dedicated church CRM systems follow a similar model to those of for-profit organizations, but with a difference. We incorporate several ministry-specific features built around the core principles of evangelism, giving, stewardship, discipleship, and fellowship to help you truly connect—and stay connected—with your congregation.

Whether you’re a local ministry, large church, or global denomination, InPeace can provide all the technology you need on one easy-to-use platform. What’s more, we couple it with the best customer service in the business to help ensure you succeed in reaching your goals. Our dedicated CRM software for churches allows you to tap into several essential benefits:

Streamline Projects & Events
You can easily update your profile to spotlight information about upcoming activities. This aspect of church CRM makes it easier for your team to plan and manage congregation events because members can register on their smartphones with just a few taps. With a more accurate projection of numbers, it’s easier to plan for what you need and ensure ample staffing, seating, catering, etc. 
Bring Your Congregation Closer
Because members can contact each other quickly and easily through member-to-member messaging and in-app chats, your congregation will grow closer and form long-lasting bonds of support that extend into life outside church activities. This increases self-driven commitment and dedication while simultaneously reducing the pressure and time burden on ministers to drive engagement and interaction independently.
Boost Attendance
You can easily update your profile to spotlight information about upcoming activities. This aspect of church CRM makes it easier for your team to plan and manage congregation events because members can register on their smartphones with just a few taps. With a more accurate projection of numbers, it’s easier to plan for what you need and ensure ample staffing, seating, catering, etc. 
Foster Personal Growth
With CRM for churches, ministers can see at a glance how engaged their congregation is. As a result, it’s easy to identify members needing additional support or encouragement to become more actively involved in church life. Features like notification-enabled daily devotionals and personalized prayer plans allow ministers to connect on a personal level and encourage participation to prevent members from losing their way.
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Develop a Constant Presence

While church leaders often go the extra mile to provide support wherever it is required, being as omnipresent as our father in heaven is a tough ask. However, it is possible to develop a reliable presence and reassure members of your faith and sustained commitment to their devotion by harnessing the power of CRM. Church pastors, priests, volunteers, and custodians can post a prayer, share a scripture, read the bible, and offer support at the touch of a button with a click, post, or message.

Ease Administrative Burdens

Removing time-consuming administrative tasks frees up more time to devote to your ministry. Church treasurers can track finances and activity uptake with intuitive and easy-to-understand reporting and analytics. In addition, ministers can monitor essential church database metrics like giving, attendance, salvations, and membership.

Embrace Modern Times

In today’s technology-driven world, many of your congregation have already learned to expect the use of online tools and software in most other areas of their everyday lives. How they choose to follow and express their faith should be no different. The best CRM for churches provides platforms with all the time-saving features and social benefits that members crave but without being overwhelmingly tech-heavy or distracting from the app’s primary purpose—to help them continue their religious journey and develop their relationship with God. 

Improve Planning & Logistics

With minister and volunteer tools dedicated to building and communicating with several teams simultaneously, church leaders can run both small group and congregation-wide initiatives in a few clicks. Ticket sales and event promotion become automated and straightforward (no more messy spreadsheets!). Plus, you can even use church CRM software to assist with service planning, music selection, and choir support

Gain Valuable Insights

The best church CRM systems don’t just provide tools to help with communication and logistics. They gather invaluable data and in-depth insight about your congregation, allowing you to reflect on what works well, what doesn’t, and where to improve. Church CRM data gives you the power to make changes confidently, knowing that you’ll provide a better experience for the community you serve.

Features of the InPeace Church CRM

You can integrate several unique, church-specific elements to tailor-make the InPeace app to suit your ministerial and congregational needs. Here are a few features you can utilize to build and strengthen your church community.

Live Streaming Sermons

You can reach more people and expand your community when people can watch virtually from anywhere. Affordable live streaming through InPeace enables you to share your services with a global audience. Key benefits include the ability to:

Provide flexibility

While in-person attendance may remain a preference for many, life happens, and not everyone can make it to every event. Live streaming means all members need to attend is a working internet connection.

Connect with the homebound

Just because members can’t attend service regularly doesn’t mean they have to become disconnected from their faith. Live streaming provides inclusion, support, and motivation for those affected by illness, mobility problems, or transportation issues.

Expand your congregation

Live streaming essentially makes the capacity of your church limitless. It helps you reach the younger demographic who are perhaps more likely to tune in remotely than attend in person, at least to begin with.

Offer more events

While your church services will likely remain the primary weekly event, adding additional online activities like webinars, donation shows, Bible study sessions, and virtual retreats will boost your ministry’s engagement and allow people with busy schedules to remain involved and connected.  

Set Up Auto-Recurring Gifts

Expanding your income stream to ensure your church and community thrive—even in periods of uncertainty—is an ongoing cause of worry and frustration for many church leaders. InPeace CRM software for churches offer your congregation the tools they need to donate to the sick, needy, and less fortunate anytime, anywhere. So you can spend less time worrying about fundraising and more time concentrating on advancing your missions. The primary benefits of online giving include:

  • Seamless interactions for members with easy automated payments.
  • No holding periods, so donations are received the very next day after they’re made. 
  • Low processing rates, meaning more funds go directly to your causes.
  • No hidden costs – we even cover all donor fees. 

Analyze Church Metrics

We know. You’re a church, not a corporate business. And your ministers are messengers of God, not statisticians. However, taking the guesswork out of assessing the health of your church is an essential consideration in doing God’s work more effectively. After all, conducting a headcount at every service won’t tell you enough about member behaviors to determine who is attending, who is giving, who isn’t, and why. By utilizing InPeace CRM, church leaders can create custom reports to track:

  • Attendance: By department, class, camp, service, or virtual event.
  • Donations: By cause, day and date trends, donors, total amount, and payment method. 
  • Growth: By detailed dashboard reporting and quarter metrics. 
  • Spiritual Journeys: By building interactive visitor profiles for each of your members.
  • Future Pathways: By utilizing InPeace’s intelligent solutions and action points to make changes and improvements. 

Easy Online Registration

Give your congregation the flexibility to sign up for activities remotely. Online registration negates the need for members to make additional church visits outside their regular service schedule to sign up for other events. The InPeace app helps thousands of ministries just like yours see up to a 120% increase in ticketed event attendance because:

  • Members can easily see what’s on the calendar and sign up for the latest church activities. 
  • Event registration is as simple as a few taps on a smartphone.
  • Church leaders can promote events through custom media and push notifications to encourage attendance.
  • Attendance can be optimized and tracked through map links, virtual check-ins, and QR codes at the door. 
  • Event logistics can be automated to reduce the strain on your events team on the day. 

Prayer Requests

Church isn’t just for Sundays. Online prayer requests are a free church CRM function, allowing you to let your members know that the church is always there for them—at any time on any day. Offering in-app prayer requests takes your services out of the pews and into the digital realm, enabling you to:

  • Be present remotely
  • Help members strengthen their faith daily
  • Keep your congregation engaged
  • Connect with those who need your help the most
  • Support people during difficult times
  • Find a place for faith in today’s tech-driven world
prayer wall feature on the inpeace app.

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