Live Stream Church Services

Connect with your members wherever they are and start streaming & sharing your church services through our website & app and allow your members to watch your service virtually.

A Live streaming Platform to Reach a Global Audience

One of the key factors to the growth of a church is its ability to reach out and connect with its community. InPeace livestreaming makes that possible by allowing you to share your events with a global audience. The result is more members in your congregation, more support for your efforts, and an increased desire to connect with God.

Our mission is to provide churches with an affordable solution for creating high quality livestreaming events.

What are the Benefits of Churches Using Live Streaming Services?

Adopting the best live streaming for churches enables you to offer complementary online and in-person experiences. Church live streaming services will allow you to share the worship experience no matter where your parishioners are.

InPeace offers the ultimate livestream platforms for churches and features a range of solutions to meet your congregation’s needs. Here are some of the wide-ranging benefits of a live stream services for churches.

Speak to Parishioners Anywhere

Life happens, and churchgoers may not be able to attend services in person. Live streaming services for churches allow anyone to watch your services as long as they have a working internet connection. 

Live streaming also allows you to reach a global audience. With InPeace, you have the power to expand the viewership of a service or event attended by hundreds to millions. Leverage live streaming for maximum audience engagement.

Not everyone can attend worship services. Some may be ill or lack the mobility to leave their homes.

The pandemic demonstrated that churches need a new way to reach people. Just because someone cannot attend service regularly does not mean they should miss out on what’s happening in the church.

Bringing worship to these groups requires you to get a little creative. Streaming services for churches empower them to enjoy weekly services, even if they cannot make it in person.

Reach the Homebound

Expand Your Congregation

Your goal is to grow your church. Utilizing a live-streaming platform for churches is one way to turn that vision into a reality.

Studies have shown that as many as 30% of people who watch an event on livestream go on to attend a future event in person.

Church live streaming solutions also allow you to bypass capacity limits in your church, removing the glass ceiling on how large your congregation can grow.

Reaching the youth in your community is easier said than done. Putting your services online can give them a new and convenient way to embrace worship.

Prayer and worship can happen anywhere. Offer young people the chance to connect with your church in ways that appeal to them.

With many churches struggling to appeal to younger demographics, live streaming is another tool in your arsenal for continued growth and securing the next generation of Christians.

Connect with New Demographics

Host New Events

Your church service may be the week’s main event, but churches are trying to expand their schedules and further encourage community engagement. Live streaming services for churches empower you to go beyond your regularly scheduled programming. You can host webinars, donation shows, Bible study sessions, and virtual retreats. Adding a revolving schedule of events that can be attended online improves your ministry’s engagement and allows more people to join, even if they have a busy schedule and cannot do so in person.

Build a 24/7 Channel

Modern streaming services enable you to record videos for viewing later. With a robust archive, you can produce a 24/7 streaming experience, allowing the faithful to enjoy high-quality services regardless of the time.

Capturing videos for the archive also makes it easier for new congregation members to get up to speed with what they can expect from your ministry. It allows them to return to a service that spoke to them or to engage their faith whenever they have a few spare moments.

Never underestimate the marketing power inherent within a church that never stops broadcasting. It only takes a few weeks to build a suitable archive of services that can play on a loop at all hours.


Bolster Your Online Presence

Live streaming has grown in popularity across every sector of society. Now, more and more ministries are paying attention to the benefits of live streaming.

Take your church online with live streaming and expand your online presence. Many churches have gained followers in different parts of the country because of their quality broadcasts.

Expanding your online presence increases the size of your membership, allowing you to spread the gospel far and wide. 

As a result, you can expand your community outreach and elevate your work for charitable causes.

Spread the Mission of Your Church

Adopt the best livestreaming platform for your church and use it as a powerful tool for spreading your message. Live streaming services make it easy to reach out to a broader audience. Live video is not only great for growing your ministry but also for fundraising and collecting donations.

Increase Interaction with Your Congregation

Live streaming for churches will help you connect with parishioners and other church groups, thus keeping them more engaged in your ministry programs. Live video allows engagement from all across the globe. It also provides you with multiple channels to keep your congregation well-informed about events, activities, and other church programs.

Pastor preaching and worshipping God.

Streamline Communication for Your Congregation

Live streaming to church services helps you connect with your other congregation members, bringing them closer together. It will also help you hold meetings and outreach programs, thus ensuring that all your members are kept updated about any changes in the church.

Grow Your Parish

Church live streaming services allow you to grow your congregation by reaching out to those who were previously unreachable. Whether it’s people who are in remote areas far from the church or those on-the-go, a live video can bring your service to them anytime, anywhere.

Foster Fundraising

Church live video streaming is an ideal way to promote your church and spread the word about fundraising efforts. If you are running a special campaign, you can promote it during live video streaming services. You no longer have to rely on in-person fundraising to raise the funds you need.

Leave Building Capacity Issues at the Door

As congregations grow, churches often face limitations do their building size. Live streaming solves this problem. For example, if your parish has 300 members, but your worship space only accommodates 100 members, you can set up streaming services that can be viewed at another location or even at home. When you make your services available online, physical restrictions are no longer an issue.

InPeace is One of the Leading Live Streaming Services for Churches

Live streaming solutions for churches are an excellent way of expanding reach, engagement, and awareness and InPeace gives your church that solution with their live streaming feature. 

live streaming feature on the inpeace app. There is a Pastor preaching and a live chat reacting positively.

Live streaming solutions for churches are an excellent way of expanding reach, engagement, and awareness.

But what is the best live streaming service for your church?

InPeace offers live streaming services for churches that enable you to spread the word of God online with custom tools built to engage the faithful, strengthen generosity, and bring community together. 

You can broadcast services with live integration through Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. Engage your audience through live chat and provide interactive features like “click to accept Jesus.”

Your live streaming services can be combined with your customized app, built in as little as 30 days. InPeace empowers you to appeal to the faithful with consistent branding and messaging from your church. Our church software can unify ministry, management, and mission.

Sharing Made Easy

We offer the ability to share your live stream on Facebook, Twitch TV, and YouTube. As a result, you can market your event easily and allow viewers to interact with each other on social media.

Streamline Fellowship

Manage church events, post a prayer, share scripture, and get interactive with your congregation with features that make promotion, support, and notifications easy.

In-App Communication

We have an integrated chat function that lets visitors communicate with each other while viewing the stream. This lets the viewers engage with each other by allowing them to ask questions, share ideas, and even give live commentary. These features can be used for events ranging from your church services to bible studies.

Giving Interactions

With InPeace, giving tithes, recurring gifts, and offerings is simple, secure, and seamless. Our tools make it easy for you to receive gifts faster, in full, and at low processing rates. We also cover all donor fees, and there are no hidden costs.


Service planning, music & choir support, and more are all part of managing ministries and preparing worship logistics. Track essential Church metrics like giving, attendance, groups, salvations, events, ministries, and membership.

Live streaming Services for Churches:
Tips for Getting Started

Plan ahead and draft a plan. This is not something that can be done on a whim. There should be a solid plan in place before you begin. This includes how you will use social media, live streaming equipment and tags, the feed that will be created, and the types of content that will be distributed.

Involve staff at your church in the process. This includes marketing, worship, media ministries, and more. If your church does not have a media ministry or video department, you should at least solicit their input and use their expertise to help make live streaming work.

Set up your channel. You need to have a clean feed that is available on the social media sites where you display it. If you are broadcasting from your church profile on Facebook, there is an option to include a live stream in the About section of the page. You might want to include that link in all of your communications about live streaming.

Record, edit and distribute content. You will want to record the whole service and then edit it afterward. When you are ready, you can create a new stream on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch TV. We recommend that you tag your live streaming as part of your regular media ministry with descriptive tags that make sense for what you are doing.

Make it a permanent feature. Once you have gotten the church on board and done a trial run, you need to make sure that it becomes a sustainable and permanent feature at your church. Once your congregation knows live streaming is a reliable way to join services, you can promote it as an even outreach tool parishioners can count on.